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CUETools Version 2.1.7 & above

FFmpeg plugin dependencies

In order to use the ffmpeg plugin, you will need to copy additional .dll files into the \plugins\x64 or \plugins\win32 sub-directory of CUETools. To include these additional files in the standard release would result in a significant increase in download size and not all users will need them.

CUETools 2.2.4
  • x64:
    Copy all .dll files from \bin folder within .zip file into the \plugins\x64 sub-directory of CUETools (Windows 64-bit)
    SHA256: df21dd61d2cd138e504f6eb1f0ae9792955bff62a16839df0044e5dba64bf307
  • win32:
    Copy all .dll files from \bin folder within .zip file into the \plugins\win32 sub-directory of CUETools (Windows 32-bit)
    SHA256: c9317058494efed436195c531ef9fc25d7a922dd28410f7b2f2b64dbb835dd64
CUETools 2.2.5
  • x64:
    Copy all .dll files into the \plugins\x64 sub-directory of CUETools (Windows 64-bit)
    SHA256: c758db592ac329af6af6a380761cec6062ad3801598f19d3021d7215a94b3ba0
  • win32:
    Copy all .dll files into the \plugins\win32 sub-directory of CUETools (Windows 32-bit)
    SHA256: f41bb2b9589880632e01b852e52a10450a3436ca132082404f20a1549737412e


Previous release (also see Download Previous Versions)
SHA256: e7a1906b0edd247435aabcd56e4c0ff1076edf9b773951ac73dd9725816778ff


Just unpack the archive to any folder; no setup required. CUETools.exe and CUERipper.exe are the main applications to run.

Info 240px gray.png Applications require other files within the package to run. You should unpack the entire archive.

If you want to run it as a portable application from a USB stick, remove the file called user_profiles_enabled so that settings will be saved to the same folder instead of your user profile folder. (If you already have non-portable settings you want to use, copy the subfolders named CUE Tools or CUERipper from the %appdata% folder to your portable install.)

The .rar and .zip archives can be unpacked with a free extractor, such as 7-Zip, IZArc, or the command-line tool UnRAR. Or, you can use commercial software, like WinRAR or WinZip. (The commercial software usually has a free trial version that eventually becomes "nagware" but keeps functioning.)

Known Issues When Unpacking the Archive
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Depending on browser configuration and Windows Group Policy settings, downloaded archives may include the Alternate Data Stream :Zone.Identifier:$DATA when saved. All files extracted from an archive with this identifier will also have the Alternate Data Stream identifier. Windows may block or partially limit files with this identifier.

Solution: Right-click on the downloaded zip archive and select Properties. If you see the Security warning "This file came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect this computer" (or similar) with a box marked "Unblock", check the box and select the Apply button to unblock the archive before unpacking.

Source code

  • Github - CUETools source code repository on GitHub