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This page contains older versions of CUETools and legacy prerequisites.

Prerequisites (CUETools Versions prior to 2.1.7)

This program requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (SP2) and Visual C++ 2008 runtime to run. If you are running Windows Vista or 7, and using Windows Update, these prerequisites are probably already installed. For Windows 8, 8.1 and 10, if the .NET 2.0 requirement is not automatically detected (or already enabled), you may need to enable Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 (which includes 2.0) using the Windows Control Panel (instructions).

Downloads for XP or Vista:

FFmpeg plugin dependencies

In order to use the ffmpeg plugin, you will need to copy additional .dll files into the \plugins\x64 or \plugins\win32 sub-directory of CUETools. To include these additional files in the standard release would result in a significant increase in download size and not all users will need them.

CUETools 2.2.3

Download Previous Releases
SHA256: 017484aab76040737713a9a638eb696db63df0a5f792973744b36a41bd60fb98
SHA256: b56914afc067a7937d8c905f0910f252d18d6bd8172a0a733314a318fa208aa9
SHA256: c95051bc1d01639aa9d8a7072b61f71ac3c73f07fab244c33b4aff48d0c640a3
SHA256: 0390510417d680a53d73743e6128dc40a8a4a4569f075642f70ba67e42355d63
SHA256: 28b065547d779cfca1cf33f9548c3aaccba6bf2bac3f973feba789088d2a6cce
SHA256: a7429af4ad35810ef2d8fa63dd4d671f93ca4f40efe32f08507f28bd2ca8fcf3
SHA256: fa26c38b7c3bbf775d45a70813c9ff0dd90e45d8a05428286f3e78a27fb2021f
SHA256: 1c4dbaab7bbfbc111f2c2c73321e67a3e948ca60e1e1e04f7381dbad1d75d273