CUETools Advanced Settings: Decoders

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Decoders tab

CUETools Adv Settings Decoders.png

Click any decoder name and press the insert key on your keyboard to register a new external decoder.

Extension {drop-down list}
Audio file format extension for selected decoder.

External decoder options

Note: The external decoder must support stdin/stdout.
Path {textbox}
Path to external decoder executable. Enter full path
(example: C:\Program\filename.EXE) or Enter filename.EXE and add full path to the EXE file to the system's %PATH% environment variable or Enter filename.EXE and copy the EXE file to the CUETools folder.
Parameters {textbox}
Arguments for external decoder executable (please refer to the decoder's documentation for more info about usage parameters).. The required placeholder arguments used by CUETools for external decoders are:
%I = stdin (standard input).
"-" (without the quotes) = stdout (standard output).