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Encoders tab

CUETools Adv Settings Encoders.png
Extension {drop-down list}
Audio file format extension for selected encoder.

Built-in encoder options

Options vary by encoder. Highlight option to see explanation at the bottom of the window.

External encoder options

Note: The external encoder must support stdin/stdout.
Path {textbox}
Path to external encoder executable. Enter full path
(example: C:\Program\filename.EXE) or Enter filename.EXE and add full path to the EXE file to the system's %PATH% environment variable or Enter filename.EXE and copy the EXE file to the CUETools folder.
Parameters {textbox}
Arguments for external encoder executable (please refer to the encoder's documentation for more info about usage parameters). The required placeholder arguments used by CUETools for external encoders are:
"-" (without the quotes) = stdin (standard input).
%O = stdout (standard output).
%M = inserts value from Modes.
%P = padding metadata block bytes to add to header. (This placeholder is for encoders that support padding, e.g. flake, flac, etc. so CUETools can reserve space to write the metadata after encoding.)
Modes {textbox}
Supported mode values, separated by space character. Linked to the {slider} control under the Audio Output section of the main window.
Name {textbox}
Name of the encoder that will be displayed in the {drop-down list} under the Audio Output section of the main window..
Lossless {checkbox}
Setting is internally linked to the audio file format extension. Greyed out unless you selected a newly registered file format extension.
+ (plus) {button}
Register a new external encoder. Alternate: Click any encoder name and press the insert key on your keyboard to register a new external encoder.
- (minus) {button}
Remove selected external encoder.

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