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Encoders tab

CUETools Adv Settings Encoders.png
Extension {drop-down list}
Audio file format extension for selected encoder.

Built-in encoder options

Options vary by encoder. Highlight option to see explanation at the bottom of the window.

External encoder options

Note: The external encoder must support stdin/stdout.
Path {textbox}
Path to external encoder executable. Enter full path
(example: C:\Program\filename.EXE) or Enter filename.EXE and add full path to the EXE file to the system's %PATH% environment variable or Enter filename.EXE and copy the EXE file to the CUETools folder.
Parameters {textbox}
Arguments for external encoder executable (please refer to the encoder's documentation for more info about usage parameters). The required placeholder arguments used by CUETools for external encoders are:
"-" (without the quotes) = stdin (standard input).
 %O = stdout (standard output).
 %M = inserts value from Modes.
 %P = padding bytes value to put in header (flake.exe only)
Modes {textbox}
Supported mode values, separated by space character. Linked to the {slider} control under the Audio Output section of the main window.
Name {textbox}
Name of the encoder that will be displayed in the {drop-down list} under the Audio Output section of the main window..
Lossless {checkbox}
Setting is internally linked to the audio file format extension. Greyed out unless you selected a newly registered file format extension.
+ (plus) {button}
Register a new external encoder. Alternate: Click any encoder name and press the insert key on your keyboard to register a new external encoder.
- (minus) {button}
Remove selected external encoder.

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