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HDCD tab

CUETools Adv Settings HDCD.png
Detect HDCD encoding {checkbox}
Check to enable HDCD encoding detection.

HDCD options

Stop looking after 750 frames {checkbox}
Stop looking for HDCD information, if none is found in the first 10 seconds of the disc.
Decode HDCD to 20 bit {checkbox}
HDCD decoding is irreversible. Resulting files cannot be burned to the CD. 24-bit audio files are created, but the actual resolution is 20 bit.
Store as 16 bit LossyWAV {checkbox}
When converting to lossyWAV, truncate to 16 bit.
Store as 24 bit "lossless" {checkbox}
When not using lossyWAV, extend to 24 bit for compatibility.